5 Best Food in Summer to Stay Hydrated


          Tomatoes contain vitamin C, vitamin k, potassium and are filled with antioxidants. They also contains very useful photochemical such as Lycopene which contribute to chronic diseases like Cancer and Heart diseases.


Part of the summer squash family, zucchini contains a fiber called pectin, which is linked to increasing heart health and lowering cholesterol. It also helps in improving digestion, slows down aging, lowers blood sugar levels, Improves Eye health and boosts energy.


Watermelon contains Lycopene which protects skin from sun damage. This fruit keeps you hydrate as it contains 92% of water, vitamin C, A, B1, B5 & B6, Potassium and Magnesium. May lover Inflammation and Oxidative stress.


Orange is a sweet citrus fruit which is rich in potassium and nutrient that’s crucial in summer. Oranges helps to reduce muscle cramps which occur due to loss of potassium in body through sweat. This fruit is high in Vitamin C and also plays a vital role for the proper function of a healthy immune system. It also helps in preventing skin damage, keeps blood pressure under check, lowers cholesterols and Controls blood sugar levels.


            Yogurt is a protein – packed and portion controlled food in summer and easy to carry. It’s known for containing a lot of calcium, a mineral necessary for healthy teeth and bones. Just one cup provides 49% of your daily calcium need. Yogurt is rich in nutrients, high in protein, helps in digestion and helps in strengthening your Immune system

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